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Copyright © Victoria McGeoch 2013. All Rights Reserved

My language in the world of sculpture is the human body. I am continually creating my ideal spatial interaction of cloth with the body, merging the natural form with a fluid contemporary silhouette, or capturing emotions through gesture and facial expression. Places, music and sometimes film inspired me to make these sculptures. For ‘Tranquility’, I balanced the graceful posture of an actress with a dress of jagged chunks, whereas for ‘Flux’, I used the entire body to capture a tense moment of vulnerability.

Throughout my experiments with materials, I have always come back to sculpting brown wax directly with the warmth of my hands, as it is the most immediate mode of expression for me. In addition, I have discovered the versatility of this material as an integral part in the lost wax casting process. Casting in alloy metals enables me to transform these delicate creations into one-off and limited edition castings, each with a patina unique in texture and color.

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